Monday, March 4, 2013

March Madness... JSPH style!

It's already March and I am thinking about the crazy month ahead. Not about basketball but about all of the amazing activities that await us. Starting this week I will have the distinct privilege to deliver the plenary address at the QSEA meeting in Tempe, AZ.

QSEA -- the quality and safety educator's academy! This is the premier group in the nation composed largely of medical school-based faculty who teach the tenets of quality and safety to young physicians across the training spectrum. QSEA is at the leading edge of the movement to bring these tenets into the medical education mainstream. This remains an uphill battle!

Next week the JSPH will host the 13th Annual Population Health Colloquium. We will break all of our previous attendance records and faculty from around the nation will present dozens of plenaries, workshops, and break out sessions. Headliners include Jeff Brenner, Paul Grundy, Sue Dentzer and scores more. Our Professional Development team has worked tirelessly for months to build this program.

As soon as the Colloquium ends I will be on a train to Washington, DC to deliver the Saturday plenary address at the Annual Meeting of the American Medical Student Association (AMSA). With over 1,000 students in attendance, the AMSA meeting is a "cultural happening". I intend to deliver a veritable "call to arms" to encourage students everywhere to create bottom up changes in the medical school curriculum. I hope students will petition their own faculty to include more training on the tenets of quality, safety and population health.

JSPH is on the move and this is our brand of March Madness!