Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hair Diary || Oh Twists, How I've Missed Thee

It has been a long time - it has been months - since I've done a set of regular twists.  (My jumbo twists on flat ironed hair do not count for me.)  I must admit that the recent "Protective Style Lookbook" post initiated the twist nostalgia.

So on Friday evening, I spent a few hours twisting my hair after washing it the prior day.  I also dusted the ends of my twists to eliminate any split ends.  My aim is to keep this set in for about four weeks, but we will see.  Now for the twist shots (as well as a shrinkage shot):

Twisting on stretched hair.
Stretching twists to show length (just for this photo).
Twisting on stretched hair.
Finished twisting!
Hair after washing.  Shrinkage!
(Hair actually stretches past what is seen in this pic.)