Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I recently mentioned that an injury was plaguing me and, unfortunately, it hasn't gotten any better.  It's my right hamstring or maybe some kind of sciatic nerve pain from being tied to my desk??  Although I have been working out hard the last 8 weeks, I don't think I overtrained.  I'm careful to lift heavy, but not heavier than I can bear.

I'm disappointed because I only had 4 weeks to go on the Live Fit Trainer, but I can't complete it in my current condition.  The last phase calls for active rests between sets (burpees, jumps, sprints, jumprope) and I don't think those are a good idea for me right now.  

On the up side, I had actually already gotten more lean in the 8 weeks than I had anticipated and I'm not sure I really wanted to get any leaner.  

To maintain my sanity, I'll continue working out, but focus on upper body and maybe just walking.  If the pain persists, I will visit a doctor.  Hopefully, it's not that serious and will go away on its own soon.  

On my blog, I'll continue to bring you fitness advice, food ideas and recipes, and more help to keep you motivated.  Let's finish the year strong!  I'm super excited for the holidays and I want to post healthy food alternatives in addition to some of my favorite splurges!  Thanks for all of you support and encouragement.  

* * * * *

Don't let that be you! :)