Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Twist Series: Nighttime Regimen

  • Q: I know you finished your twist series ages ago, I was wondering what you did with your hair under your scarf at night? Do you wrap it like relaxed hair? Put it in a bun/ponytail/pineapple? Or just leave it loose?
A: It depends on what style I plan to wear the next day.  If I plan to do an updo, I usually put my twists in one or two big french braids and wrap it with a scarf.  That way, my edges and the frizzies are tamed overnight.  If I plan to wear my twists down (which is rare) or if I don't care too much about having the frizzies tamed, I leave them loose and just put on a bonnet at night.  Once in a while I will put my twists in a bun at night, but I don't do this often because my edges will suffer.  Beyond these methods, I don't really do much else because I'm not too concerned about keeping my twists stretched.

I hope this answers your question!

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