Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Yummy Mummy Kitchen - Cookbook

A HUGE congratulations goes out to my beautiful and talented friend Marina Delio, of the blog Yummy Mummy Kitchen on her published cookbook The Yummy Mummy Kitchen.  She was kind enough to send me a copy of the glorious, kid-friendly cookbook filled with tons of her beautiful food photography.  Her philosophy is all about eating well with all-natural, non-processed ingredients and doing it with style.

I've been savoring this cookbook and really enjoying all of the stories and insights from Marina about how to live and eat well with family and friends.  This is more than a cookbook, it's a "lifestyle" book.   I have to admit, I feel like a big failure when it comes to my 3 year-old son's diet, but seeing how Marina's girls chow down on her simple meals gives me encouragement to keep trying.  I love how gorgeous and colorful her plates are.  

Her book has over 100 recipes, many with just a few ingredients.  Here's just a peek at what's got my mouth watering.  

*All photos via Marina.  So proud of you girl!

Are you drooling yet?!  You can order Marina's cookbook, The Yummy Mummy Kitchen HERE.