Sunday, December 2, 2012

1in3: Two Months Down!

Hi, ladies!  Yesterday, we started our final month of the 1in3 challenge!  (For challenge guidelines, read this post.)

So, how was November?  I'm still in box braids and fine with that!  I had planned to take them down this weekend, but life won't allow me.  Perhaps in mid December.  

The braid extensions are holding up pretty well.  (See box braid regimen description here.)  When I do take them down, I plan to switch to my usual twists for the remainder of the month.  Other than the external, I'm still going hard on my smoothies and have also incorporated teas (for relaxation and antioxidants).  (Check these posts for smoothie recipes and a later post about my new tea habit.)    

How was your November?  Any challenges/lessons?  What are you doing this month?

Finish the journey strong.  Even if you've fallen, don't stay down ... Get back up, and finish it with all you've got! :o)