Monday, May 3, 2010

"Soul" Food Mondays || Perseverance in Setbacks

Perseverance in Setbacks ...

1. The setback. The stylist cut more than you wanted. The salonist severely overprocessed your hair. The five pounds of fat are back. Your career of four years is gone.

2. Breathe. Though we all hate hearing this in hard times, the reality is 'it is not the end of the world'. Breathe and take a stab at a new healthy hair regimen, losing the regained weight, submitting resumes for a new job. It may not be easy, but it is not the end of life either.

3. Regroup. Look for what to learn from the setback. Where did you falter (if you did)? What could you have done differently (if anything)? What can you do now (no ifs here)? Rearrange your plans. Draft new paths. Your goal can be met but may just require a new or adjusted route.

3. Persevere and learn. The other reality is that life is not easy. (I can argue that this is a good thing, otherwise there would be nothing for which to be grateful. However, that's another topic for another blog.) There will be hard days (including setbacks) and sometimes one just has to persevere to the end. Remain strong. Endure the challenge. Be patient. Continue to strive. Do not give up.

4. The reward. Your hair grows to even longer lengths. Your tresses are healthy again. You achieve the fit body you always wanted. You are hired for a more lucrative job position. To whom much is given, much is required.