Friday, May 31, 2013

Skin Care || Black Women, The Sun, and Our Skin

Can we get sunburn?
Yes.  Whether you are fair or dark, you can get sunburned though the lighter you are the more susceptible you are.  (I'm medium-dark and have been sunburned a couple of times.)

Can we develop melanoma (a rare but dangerous skin cancer)?
Yes.  Though rare, black people can develop melanoma.  The root of Bob Marley's death was acral lentiginous melanoma (that originated under his toenail) and ultimately spread to other parts of his body.  As a matter of fact, "acral lentiginous melanoma makes up approximately 50% of diagnosed melanomas in Asians and individuals with dark skin."[1]

Should we take protective measures against sun exposure?
Yes.  Exposure to the sun can increase any risk of developing sunburn or melanoma.  Additionally, it can hasten the signs of aging in our skin.