Sunday, July 15, 2012

CONVERGING in Philadelphia

About one week ago our School of Population Health participated in the inaugural CONVERGE program in Philadelphia. Powered by the team from out of Cleveland, Converge brought together all kinds of persons interested in health care innovation -- from big pharma to little pharma, from start ups with two employees to established managed care companies in our market, and everything in between.

I took the stage right after lunch for a "Fireside Chat" (on a day that was sweltering) with Karl Stark from the Philadelphia Inquirer. We "chatted" about innovation in general terms and specifically about my service on the Board of two amazing companies -- HUMANA and ENDO Health Solutions. Both of these firms are leaders in innovation as Humana is rapidly becoming the most important health and wellness company in America. ENDO is a fascinating company where drugs, devices, and information are being brought together under one roof to help physicians and others to deliver greater value in the marketplace.

I was so excited by all of the very positive feedback  on our chat that we hope to help Medcity bring CONVERGE to an even larger audience, in Philadelphia, next year this time. What innovative projects are you involved in?? Finally, I hope you will all follow up with us after our upcoming launch of the GRANDON SOCIETY this coming Thursday, July 19th at 10am EST. Look for more tweets from us at that time. Thanks again for your amazing support on line, DAVID NASH