Sunday, September 26, 2010

Training a new generation of clinicians

On Saturday September 25th, the Jefferson School of Population Health was the site of a unique training program designed to help create a new generation of clinicians fluent in the language of measuring and improving the quality and safety of healthcare. With support from Lilly, we hosted dozens of trainees from mutiple schools throughout the Northeast. They assembled to hear from faculty like David Mayer MD at the University of Illinois talk about creating a new culture of practice characterized by openess and patient centeredness. They got to hear David LindquistMD from Brown Medical School demonstrate the power of medical simulation training for safety and quality improvement. They also heard from Lia Logio MD from Cornell Medical College talk about creating a training environment that recognizes different cultures, and thereby improves the quality of care.Learners from all of these schools will themselves become leaders and they will spread this gospel to help change undergraduate medical education (UME) and graduate medical education (GME)in new and exciting ways. While the ACGME in Chicago is working to mandate new types of reporting, from resident involvment in medical error to measuring the outcomes of residency training, these new learners will be prepared to meet this challenge. What are your trainees doing to keep up with this critical national trend?? How can we prepare the next generation of clinicians in the disciplines of quality measurement and safety improvement?? DAVID NASH