Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Summer Goals!

Okay, I'm posting this as a reminder and so I can be held accountable. :-)

These goals stem from me not taking care of myself as much as I could be. I do tend to my hair and eat fairly well BUT I don't exercise or care for myself externally (beyond hygiene and looking presentable). Well, that's got to change!

Goal #1. 14-15 inches of length; maintain healthy hair.
Game plan: No changing my regimen. Continue with long-term protective styling (2-4 weeks at a time). Continue taking a daily multi-vitamin.

Goal #2. Stronger knees; gain 5lbs of muscle.
Game plan: Lower-body weight lifting 3x/week. More calcium and vitamin D. A former athlete that has let herself deflate beyond a reasonable point.

Goal #3. Feel good on the outside, not just on the inside.
Game plan: Start a nail polish collection and regular self manicures. Update the wardrobe. Have more fun with my hair after reaching the above length goal.  And more.

Do you have any summer goals for your hair, body, and soul?