Monday, July 19, 2010

Good or Bad ... Pantene Curl Defining Mousse

While at Walmart yesterday, I stumbled upon the "Pantene Curl Defining Mousse".  It boasts anti-frizz in high humidity without the use of silicones ... which drew my attention.  Here's a short description of the method:

"Pantene uses a polymer system that helps control friction and results in a voluminous and shapely curl. This curly hair mousse contains polymers that provide a strong hold to protect your style from frizz without sacrificing softness and shine."

So I purchased this product and used it this morning.  Needless to say, I love it so far and was looking forward to writing a review after several trials.  That was until I checked the hazard rating at the Cosmetics Database ...

... "7 out of 10 (high hazard)"

Umm, yea.  Hmm.  Will I continue to use the "Pantene Curl Defining Mousse"?  With that high of a hazard rating, uhh ... I'll seriously rethink this.  Ladies, research your product ingredients!