Saturday, June 5, 2010

Type 4 Series: Formal Style (Rollerset)

This is a series on how to style and manage type 4 hair healthily. It doesn't matter whether you are natural, transitioning, or stretching relaxers.

Today's topic: Roller set type 4 hair with no/low heat. Style into an elegant updo as pictured.

Difficulty level: Easy/Medium for experienced rollersetters or those with short hair, Hard for newbie rollersetters or those with long hair

Time: several hours

moisturizer (no humectants), 
gel (if you're natural; recommend Pantene, Eco Styler),
OR setting lotion (if you're relaxed, transitioning) 
anti-humidity serum (recommend Redken, CHI, Pantene), 
rattail comb, 
ouchless bands, 
snap-on magnetic rollers (size depends on length of hair; the smaller, the longer lasting the style)
OR flexi-rods (more difficult to use)

  • Wash, deep condition, detangle as usual
  • Apply moisturizer and braid into 6-10 sections with ouchless bands at the roots
  • Allow hair to airdry to 70-80% (somewhere between damp + dry but closer to damp).  This step stretches the coils and minimizes the density of natural, shrunken hair.

  • One by one, undo each braid, remove the ouchless band, and do the following:
    • Part a 1 inch by 2 1/2 inch section of hair
    • Apply a moderate amount of gel to the section
    • Follow up with a moderate amount of anti-humidity serum 
    • Comb with rattail comb and roll tautly with a snap-on magnetic roller
    • Repeat until done and move onto the next braid
  • After you've finished roller setting, let the hair airdry COMPLETELY. (Alternatively, you may sit under a hooded dryer until hair is dry.)
  • Remove the rollers and style as desired.  
[Back in 2008 with flexi-rods]

*It's KEY to let the hair dry completely before removing the rollers.
*The smaller the parts, the tighter and smoother the curls. 
*The smaller the rollers, the tighter and smoother the curls.
*Gel works better on my hair than setting lotion.  Experiment with your hair to see what works for you.
*Reserve this style for dry (non-rainy, non-humid) weather.