Wednesday, April 4, 2012

3in6: Starting Month #4

For the challenge guidelines, see this post.

Ladies, we are officially in month #4 of the 3in6 Challenge! Last month, I wore mini twists for three weeks and a loose bun for one week.  (See the photo to the right for mini twists.)  I also stayed on top of my internal regimen: intake of multivitamins, water, and veggies/fruits.  This April, I'll either do medium twists or experiment with loose twists.  (If I do loose twists, I will probably write a post further explaining the technique.) Cinnamon and honey highlights update: I used the recipe twice but haven't noticed a change in hair color; it may require more uses.

Ladies, have you noticed any growth or health benefits? What style will you wear in month #4?

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